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Delay the Disease at the YMCA in Westfield

Working through Parkinson’s with Weekly Exercise

Multiple studies show that physical exercise has a positive impact on people living with Parkinson’s disease. PD is a progressive and challenging condition that affects movement control. Symptoms can include diminished movement and tremors, which can make exercise difficult for affected seniors without help from medical professionals, whether that’s a personal trainer, physician or Parkinson’s caregiver in Westfield.

One organization that is trying to help older adults with Parkinson’s is the Westfield YMCA. The YMCA’s Delay the Disease Program is geared towards helping seniors improve their quality of life, despite their diagnosis, in a healthy way.

Exercising for Parkinson’s

Working with licensed personal trainers can be extremely helpful for seniors suffering from this degenerative disease. Specially trained staffers at the Westfield Area YMCA design unique programs that are as beneficial to seniors with PD.

Specifics of Delay the Disease

The Delay the Disease program not only helps older adults stay fit, but it also helps them maintain their independence by teaching them how to adapt to daily life. Participants learn skills like how to easily get in and out of a chair, how to improve balance and even how to enhance speaking skills. This eight week program consists of a different class each week, focusing on:

  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Cardio to reduce tremors
  • Improvement in posture and gait
  • Vocal skills
  • Facial expressions
  • How to enhance overall well-being

Conducted by certified and trained staffers, Delay the Disease also offers a free water exercise class called Ai Chi. This 45 minute class is held in warm, shallow water and uses strength building and mental focus to help with PD-related symptoms.

Aside from all of the above mentioned benefits, these programs also provide a social outlet and an opportunity for senior adults to make new friends in a supportive environment.

Quality Parkinson’s Care for Quality of Life

The values of the YMCA’s program are definitely aligned with the principles we hold at Home Care Assistance of Westfield, New Jersey. Our expertly trained Parkinson’s caregivers are able to help seniors from the comfort of home, offering hourly or live-in care while simultaneously encouraging senior independence and safety. For dignified senior care, call Westfield Home Care Assistance at 908.450.9400 to see how one of our caregivers could help your aging loved one maintain their quality of life.

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