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5 Ways Seniors Can Improve Stroke Recovery

For seniors who have had a stroke, it can take several months to a year to recover and restore mind and body function. Home Care Assistance of Westfield understands post-stroke challenges and the importance of proper care. To ensure your senior loved one improves his or her mobility and memory, here are a few tips to consider during the recovery process.

1. Perform Gentle Exercises
It’s important for your loved one to improve his or her strength and restore mobility to their hands, legs, and arms. Assist your loved one in performing gentle exercises each day, and avoid staying in a stationary position for too long. If possible, have your loved one stretch every hour and encourage them to perform simple tasks that can increase strength rather than relying on someone else to do it.

2. Add Safety Features to the Home
Seniors who have had a stroke have an increased risk of falling during their recovery. It’s important to make the home as safe and secure as possible by adding a grab bar in the shower, a bench, too, if possible, placing rugs on bare floors and tapping town the edges to avoid creating a tripping hazard, and rearranging the furniture to make room for a wheelchair or walker your loved one may need while getting well.

3. Hire Caregiving Services
It’s important to get your loved one the right care after a stroke. Part of that is acknowledging just how much care you can provide and how much help you need. Help your loved one maintain his or her independence by hiring a caregiver in Westfield who can assist with a broad range of duties from grocery shopping to bed transfers.

4. Make Dietary Changes
It’s common for seniors who have had a stroke to experience a decrease in appetite or have trouble chewing. Besides making sure your loved one is eating foods with high nutritional value, he or she will need to include more foods into their diet that are easy to eat like oatmeal, fish, eggs, apple sauce, and low-sodium soups. To ensure your loved one is getting enough fruits and vegetables, try blending them up in smoothies with a little yogurt and juice.

5. Create a Routine
To improve your loved one’s memory and help with concentration, encourage him or her to maintain a consistent routine each day. Write out a schedule your loved one can follow, which should include managing medications, going to bed at the same time each night, and specific activities that occur at the same time each day, like taking a short walk or reading a book.

Getting the right care for your loved one after he or she has suffered a stroke is crucial to their recovery. Home Care Assistance provides top-notch stroke care in Westfield and can match your loved one with a highly-trained caregiver who will promote safe and comfortable stroke recovery at home. Find out more about the stroke care services available in your area by calling a Care Manager at (908) 450-9400 who can answer any questions you might have and schedule a complimentary in-home consultation.