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Westfield Stroke Care Enhances Recovery at Home

The road to recovery after a stroke is a challenging one for both the stroke survivor as well as his or her family. Although physical, occupational, and speech therapy can help your elderly loved one recover, having a caregiver in the home who understands the post-stroke hurdles seniors must overcome will enhance your loved one’s recovery efforts. At Home Care Assistance of Westfield, NJ, our post-stroke caregivers go the extra step to help your loved one have a more efficient and comfortable recovery at home.

Senior Stroke Survivors Benefit from Custom Stroke Care Plans

Before in-home care services begin, an experienced Care Manager consults with the client, the client’s family, and the physician to create a care plan tailored to the client’s individual needs. With a custom care plan in place, caregivers can assist with in-home rehabilitation efforts that promote independence, help restore damaged motor skills, and prevent a second stroke. Custom post-stroke care plans might include any or all of the following:

  • Cognitive and physical therapy exercises
  • Assistance with bathing, personal grooming, and incontinence
  • Mobility support and transfers from the bed or a wheelchair
  • Transportation to follow-up appointments
  • Medication pick-up and reminders
  • Grocery shopping, cooking, and light housework
  • Emotional support and promoting a positive environment

Home Care Assistance is Westfield’s First Choice for Stroke Recovery Care

Our exceptional care standards, experienced caregivers, and dedicated Care Managers make Home Care Assistance the leading choice for post-stroke care in Westfield, NJ. Whether your loved one needs temporary care during recovery or someone to offer support long-term, we match your loved one with a trusted caregiver and create a custom care plan to help your loved one thrive. Call 908.450.9400 to learn more about the benefits of in-home stroke care.