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How to Plan a Birthday Party for your Aging Loved One

When you’re planning a birthday party for an aging loved one, the forethought must be what your loved one wants- Not you, but them. You have to design a party that caters to their needs, allowing them to truly enjoy the celebration. If your elderly loved one is a lively person who enjoys excitement, then a birthday party with grandchildren running around would make their day. Conversely, if your loved one enjoys peace and quiet, then a subdued, calm party with a relaxing atmosphere would be appropriate.

Another concern would be the physical and mental state of your loved one. For example:

  • If they are wheelchair assisted or have mobility issues, then you could consider getting help from an hourly caregiver in Westfield who would be able to provide constant one-on-one support and monitoring without disrupting the flow of the gathering. A Westfield caregiver is also able to encourage independence which promotes dignity and purposeful living for increased joy and life satisfaction. Chances are, your aging parent doesn’t want someone doting on them.
  •  If your loved one has anxiety concerns, tailor the party to reduce the anxiety level. This means creating a calm, quiet and soothing environment that doesn’t create too much excitability. You could play some of their favorite music or card games or even just watch an old movie. Sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most to your aging parent.
  • Having visual cues on hand, such as a photo album, would help a loved one with memory loss. Have family members and friends bring old photos and have a day filled with nostalgic memories, stories, photos and home videos. A fun gift idea for your aging parent could even be a handmade scrapbook full of loving memories and mementos.
  • If hearing loss is a concern, be sure to eliminate outside noise so that the senior adult is able to hear and participate in conversation. You could also surprise them with a hearing aid as an early birthday gift! Accompany your aging loved one to the doctor’s office to have them properly fitted for a hearing aid a month before their party so that they have time to adjust. Increased ability to hear can not only bolster their social life and boost their independence, but it could potentially lower their risk of dementia.

Overall the key to planning a successful senior birthday party is empathy. You have to place yourself in their shoes and design a social gathering that they would design themselves if given the opportunity. Whether you strive to plan something quiet and quaint or adventurous and active, your elderly parent is sure to have fun simply being surrounded by the people they love most.

If you’re seeking in-home help for your aging adult either during upcoming social events or for the times when you can’t be by their side, contact Home Care Assistance in Westfield to get the peace of mind you need. Our hourly and 24/7 caregivers are trained, experienced, professional and passionate about providing premium in-home senior care in Westfield . For more information or to schedule a free consultation, please call 908.450.9400.