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5 Reasons Seniors Should Try a Group Exercise Class

When it comes to keeping fit, nobody is too old to participate in a regular exercise routine. For seniors, working out independently is an option, yet Home Care Assistance of Westfield loves group exercise classes, which offer a wide range of benefits to senior adults.

  1. Combat boredom. It is common for individuals of all ages to abandon a workout routine because they become tired of doing the same thing over and over. Because working out alone can get very dull, seniors should consider group classes where members socialize and motivate each other to keep with an exercise routine.
  2. Professional monitoring. Group workout classes are well-designed by a fitness professional, so seniors can exercise with peace of mind that the session is safe and effective, with minimal risk. Seniors who are interested in practicing what they’ve learned in class at home can seek the help of a professional Westfield part-time caregiver who can oversee exercises and make sure seniors stay safe.
  3. Consistent schedule. With a group class, there is a consistent schedule that keeps seniors accountable and most will be less liable to skip a routine or end early. Seniors can also keep track of the classes they attend and their progress which can be rewarding and motivational.
  4. Easy to join in. There is no need for costly home equipment or prior experience. Seniors can simply look at classes at local gyms and senior centers and see if there are senior-friendly classes. After finding a great class that meets a senior’s interest, all that’s needed to participate in an exercise plan is comfortable clothing and supportive foot gear.
  5. Variety. Many seniors start with motivation and the intention to make exercise a lasting habit. Yet they burn out quickly from the activity. Yet with group exercise, there’s always a new type to join. Some popular groups include:
  • Dance Classes – Options for dancing to better health include classes in Zumba, jazz or tap. Dance classes are generally run by local community centers, and all offer fun and enjoyable ways to keep limbs in motion and blood pumping.
  • Organized Walking Groups – These groups exist either outdoors in local parks or trails, or indoors in neighborhood shopping malls and can also offer seniors a great opportunity to meet new seniors who live in the community.
  • Balanced Based Exercises – Yoga, which helps promote cognitive equilibrium, strength, and flexibility, combines a sequence of poses with breathing exercises. It can be adapted easily for any skill level. Systems of movement, based on martial arts such as Tai Chi, are another wonderful way to increase strength and balance.

As a known way to promote a healthy mind and body, regular physical activity is especially important for combating the effects of aging and is something we stress in our Balanced Care Method. For more information about senior health or senior care services from Home Care Assistance of Westfield, call 908.450.9400 and request your complimentary, no-obligation consultation today.