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Mother’s Day Activities to Share with Your Elderly Mother

Finding ways to relate to the elderly, even those within our own family, can be a challenging task. However, a holiday such as Mother’s Day is an opportunity to creatively honor and spotlight the woman who gave you life. Westfield part-time care experts have a few suggestions for celebrating this holiday with your senior mother.

Rekindle the Childlike Spark

This Mother’s Day, gift your mother with a taste of her childhood. Dress up in your finest dresses, jewels, pearls, and wide-brimmed hats, and prepare a tea party your mother will not soon forget. Serve miniature snack foods on your fanciest trays, and brew as many different kinds of tea or coffee as you see fit. This tea party can be as elegant or extravagant as you like. If you have other sisters or if your mother has close friends she sees regularly, invite them to join you. For a good laugh, speak with an English accent and see if you can persuade her to do the same. The conversation can be free of daily tasks, medical regimens, and other concerns related to your mother’s Westfield elderly care, and can simply take on a light, merry tone. You might be surprised to see a much younger version of your mother shine through. 

Record Her Story

Giving honor to your mother this Mother’s Day may be as simple as showing an interest in her history. Ask about her life events and write them down or record a video of her sharing with you. This isn’t just a gift for your mother, but for you and the rest of your family as well. Dig out old photographs to spark her memories. In addition to the details of her life, seek out her wisdom. Ask her questions you are personally seeking the answers to and allow her to be the mother again. Let her know she has a valuable perspective, and that her thoughts are important to you. Sometimes the deepest form of respect you can offer your mother is showing a fresh interest in the ideas and stories that make her who she is.

Create Letters of Love

Speak to your mother’s close friends and family and ask them to write a handwritten letter for her. If they live far away, have them mail the letters so you can deliver them to her on Mother’s Day. These letters not only show people were thinking of her, but also that they took the time to carefully write out their love. Unlike a phone call, these letters can be reviewed as often as your mother desires, a constant reminder of her importance in the lives of others. After your mother has read the letters, help her write a letter for someone else. This act of giving can be a source of joy for her and a reminder she can still make an impact.

Put on a Talent Show

Invite family and friends to come and perform for your mother. This would be especially entertaining if she has grandchildren. You can set a theme for the performances so they focus on the time of your mother’s youth. Sing karaoke to your mother’s favorite songs growing up, put on skits of scenes from her favorite movies, or create a mock cooking show and prepare one of her favorite dishes. Don’t forget to give your mother the opportunity to perform as well.

When you provide home care for your elderly mother, every day is Mother’s Day. At Home Care Assistance, we know it takes a lot of love and hard work to get the job done, and we’re here to help whether it’s needed for a few hours a week or on a 24-hour basis. We are a leading provider of Parkinson’s, stroke, and dementia care in Westfield, and our caregivers can assist with various daily tasks like meal prep, exercise, transportation, and medication reminders. For more information on our at-home care services, call 908.450.9400 today.