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Importance of Memory Care

Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia unfortunately rob many memories. Family members and caregivers often struggle in their search for an answer when a loved one stops remembering the most important things in life—including their family.

Memory care is designed to help those affected by a cognitive condition while also assisting their families and caregivers with the coping process. Here are some ways that you or an in-home Alzheimer’s caregiver can help an aging senior handle memory changes:

1. Share old pictures, movies or items from the past. While seniors with Alzheimer’s will eventually lose their short-term memory, many will still be able to recall nostalgic holidays and celebrations from years past. Encouraging them to remember and talk about old memories is a great way to boost cognitive function, encourage socialization and enjoy a happy moment.

2. Did your grandmother love to cook or sew? Perhaps your grandfather was an avid fisherman? Participating in their favorite hobbies can help trigger memories and stimulate the brain. Engaging in activities that they were once experts at can boost their confidence and pride while allowing them the opportunity to teach others about their passions. Just be sure to modify the hobby as needed so that your aging adult can easily complete it on their own or with minimal help.

3. Keep them active. Sometimes it may be difficult to convince someone suffering with memory loss to leave their home because they are tired, scared, frustrated or embarrassed. But a nice Sunday drive by some familiar landscapes or a walk in the park may help their mood. Spending time outdoors has been shown to improve overall health and increase longevity.

4. Make sure they feel safe and comfortable in their environment. Nothing is scarier to someone with memory loss than feeling like they can’t find their way in their own home. Make sure they know their way from room to room and can find the things they need for daily living easily. When your aging adult is no longer able to complete daily tasks, hire an Alzheimer’s specialist from Home Care Assistance of Westfield.

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