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What to Do When an Elderly Loved One with Alzheimer’s Gets Angry

Seniors with Alzheimer’s often get confused and irritated, which can make them aggressive toward their caregivers. If your loved one’s mean behavior has become too challenging, Westfield home care experts offer a few tips on how to manage the negativity.

Keep a Journal Documenting Aggressive Behavior

To prevent future conflicts, catch aggressive behavior as soon as it starts and record it in a journal. When your loved one has an outburst, you can then take a look at the journal and see what his or her actions have been like over the past few hours. Some seniors become tired or lethargic just before their mood changes, while others only show signs of anger when their blood sugar drops. 

Take a Breath and Prepare Yourself

When your loved one is becoming aggressive, responding in a similar fashion is only going to make the situation worse. Before you respond, you should first take a step back and gather your own thoughts. Professional caregivers in Westfield utilize different techniques to remain calm, such as controlled breathing for 30 seconds or short mantras they repeat to themselves.

Remove Immediate Dangers

Seniors who have Alzheimer’s should not have access to anything they can use to harm themselves or others. While a pen may not seem dangerous, it can be used to inflict serious injuries. Watch for aggressive habits and remove all scissors, knives, forks, pens, and pencils from the living space. The primary goal during an outburst is to keep the senior and his or her loved ones physically safe.

Learn to Ask for Help

If you have noticed your senior loved one becomes particularly mean during specific activities, such as bathing, you might want to have someone by your side during those times. Just before such activities, you should also consider removing stressors from your loved one’s environment, such as loud noises, reflective surfaces, and bright colors.

Managing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s can be challenging for both seniors and their families. When it comes to safe and reliable Alzheimer’s care in Westfield, families choose Home Care Assistance. In addition to meal preparation, basic housekeeping, and assistance with daily activities, our professional caregivers are trained in the Cognitive Therapeutics Method, which aims to enhance the quality of life of seniors with Alzheimer’s. To learn more about this method, get in touch with one of our Care Managers today at 908.450.9400.