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How the Elderly Can Preserve Their Hearing

As your elderly loved one ages, he or she may become susceptible to age-related conditions like impaired hearing. However, hearing loss is not inevitable for seniors. Westfield, NJ, 24-hour care experts discuss a few steps seniors can take to protect their hearing.

Stop Smoking and Drinking 

Seniors should drink less alcohol and avoid excessive smoking to prevent hearing loss. Failing to do so could cause damage to the auditory nerve, also known as the nerve center. Smoking and alcohol can cause an abnormal blood supply, which has a negative impact on blood flow to the inner ear and can damage your loved one’s hearing.

Evaluate Prescribed Medications 

Certain medications your loved one takes for age-related illnesses might lead to hearing loss. Ask the doctor if the prescribed medications are ototoxic, which means they are damaging to the ears. If so, ask the doctor to prescribe another medication to treat your loved one or have his or her dosage amount changed.

Think Positively

When your loved one thinks negative thoughts or is in a bad mood, this may lead to an autonomic imbalance, which can actually affect his or her hearing. The imbalance can aggravate or induce inner ear ischemia, edema, and other conditions. The end result is injury to the ear and hearing loss. Your loved one needs to find positive ways to manage negative thoughts. For instance, participating in fun activities and maintaining independence can boost his or her mood and enhance his or her quality of life.

Massage the Ears 

Hearing reduction has a specific connection with blood circulation in the inner ear. When the inner ear weakens due to the flow of blood, hearing loss can occur. However, a standard massage can be done to the related points around the ear, and blood circulation will be active once again, which can help reduce the risk of hearing loss.

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