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5 Hobbies Seniors Can Take Up

Just because seniors are getting older does not mean they have to stop enjoying the fun hobbies they did when they were younger. There are many hobbies your senior loved one may find enjoyable, and Westfield elder care professionals list 5 hobbies he or she might consider taking up. 


1. Gardening

Regardless of whether they have an indoor garden with a few small plants or a larger outdoor garden, many seniors enjoy gardening. It gives them a chance to be outdoors on a regular basis and get some fresh air and sunshine. When your loved one sees the plants producing flowers or vegetables, it may give him or her a sense of pride and accomplishment. 

2. Photography

If your loved one is a creative older adult, he or she can can take pictures with friends and family, then create a scrapbook of memories or display them in frames so they can be enjoyed every day. Your loved one can invest in a camera that is easy for older adults to use and don’t have confusing gadgets. 

3. Baking

Your loved one can make the home smell wonderful by taking up baking and decorating. Many older adults have family recipes that use basic ingredients but still deliver delicious flavors. Some community colleges offer decorating classes for older adults so they can learn basic color and design tips and tricks for cakes and cupcakes. Baking and decorating can help keep your loved one’s mind imaginative. 

4. Writing

Writing is a way for seniors to get their feelings on paper. If your loved one has ideas for stories, he or she can start a journal or even write a few online articles to earn a little extra money. 

5. Painting

Your loved one can take up painting with other adults at a community center. Painting can be a way for your loved one to relax and display creations on a canvas, and he or she can even decorate the home with his or her creations.

If your senior loved one wants to take up a hobby or needs encouragement to consider a new activity, reach out to Home Care Assistance. Our dedicated caregivers can provide mental and social stimulation and assist your loved one with daily tasks of living. We also provide comprehensive Alzheimer’s and dementia home care Westfield seniors can count on. To learn more about our senior care options, call 908.450.9400 to speak with a friendly Care Manager.