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Simple Ways for Seniors to Promote a Healthier Diet

If you are like the vast majority of Americans, you probably don’t always eat as healthy as you should and you have likely tried to change that at one point. While recognizing the need to change poor eating habits is a step in the right direction, sometimes these steps can be too radical. This can result is a diet that fails because you cannot sustain what you have started. The safest, most effective ways to make your diet healthier are gradual ones that give you and your body time to adjust. As a trusted Westfield live-in home care provider, we wanted to present a few simple tips that can help seniors make diet changes that will last.

  1. Increase your water intake. If you are not used to drinking the recommended intake of eight 8-oz glasses a day, this can be a struggle. When trying to increase your water intake, do it gradually until you achieve your target. Drinking enough water is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. It curbs the appetite by making you feel fuller. It also helps your entire body perform better, including your digestion and metabolism.
  2. Curb excess calories slowly. Instead of getting onto a 1,500 calorie-a-day diet when you might be used to eating 2,000 calories or more, reduce your intake slowly. Try to find low-fat, low-calorie alternatives for the things you love. For instance, you can replace sour cream with plain Greek yogurt or have turkey sausage for breakfast instead of pork sausage. You can use low-fat dairy instead of their whole-fat equivalents. If you make these replacements slowly, in small steps, chances are you won’t even notice them!
  3. Get your veg on. If you’re not a salad person, there are other, more creative ways to get more vegetables in your diet. Adding extra vegetables to soups, pasta dishes or casseroles are all good ways to increase your intake of minerals and fiber. Fiber will make you feel fuller longer and help to curb some of those between-meals cravings for unhealthy junk foods.

These are just a few simple ways to gradually make your diet healthier as you enter your golden years. For more information about senior nutrition, contact Westfield Home Care Assistance at 908-450-9400 today and speak with our devoted Care Manager.