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5 Famous American Authors Still Writing in Their Senior Years

Westfield senior care experts believe reading and writing are both essential for maintaining cognitive health in the senior years, and there are likely a few well-known professional authors who wholeheartedly agree. Learn about the lives of a few famous American authors over the age of 65 and what has helped them remain healthy throughout the years. 

1. Danielle Steele 

This 69-year-old writer is the best selling author alive, with more than 800 million copies of her literary works sold. She continues to write in her senior years, without any hints of slowing down. Steele has written books on various topics, including obesity, and she stays physically active, which helps her maintain a healthy weight as she ages. She also keeps a clear mind and takes her time when writing books to ensure she produces great works. 

2. Terry McMillan 

Many of Terry McMillan’s novels have inspired women all around the world, and some of her literary works have been adapted into films. At age 65, McMillan credits her relationships with close friends for helping her maintain her mental wellbeing. McMillan can call on her friends and know they will give her great advice, regardless of the situation. The sisterhood she has formed with these women of different ethnicities has helped her stay active, and they continue to cheer on her writing talent as she ages.

3. Judy Blume

Blume is a 78-year-old author of books for children and young adults. Many of her literary works have been adapted into films that were well received. She was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago, but continues to follow her treatments accordingly. By eating a healthy diet, staying active, and taking prescribed medications and treatments, Blume is able to keep a clear mind and continue to do what she does best: write.

4. Stephen King 

Stephen King is a well-known novelist who has penned many mysteries and thrillers for the world to read. He has faced many health concerns throughout his life, including a fight with pneumonia, a serious car accident, and alcohol and drug addiction. However, King, now 69, keeps his mind clear these days and writes about his experiences through his characters. One of his recent novels is based on a character with with alcohol addiction. Writing is creative therapy for King in many ways, which keeps his brain active and alert.

5. Toni Morrison 

Morrison won the Pulitzer Prize for one of her novels, Beloved, and she continues to write and publish novels at the age of 85. Her children inspire her, and she wants to be healthy enough to stay alive for as long as they need her. Morrison’s children and grandkids provide her with the socialization she needs to remain happy, creative, and ready to live life to its fullest.

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