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The Eleventh Hour

Certainly one of the most difficult and solemn times during the care of an aging parent or family member is when death becomes imminent. This period of time, often referred to as the eleventh hour, is a time when the body shuts down and in most cases, there are no extraordinary means taken to treat the senior. While families sometimes find they have started to grieve before the passing of their loved one, understanding how to support the senior during this time can help make this new stage of life a beautiful and peaceful event.

Families should first realize that grief is a part of the process, one that is often unavoidable and especially difficult for the adult children of an aging parent. In spite of this, families should be involved in the final stages of care, as their presence alone can be extremely comforting and valuable for the patient. Numerous senior care experts have claimed that even if the senior is unconscious, they are often more aware than one might realize, benefiting from the compassion and presence of their family, close friends and loved ones.

The feeling of touch is also an important component aiding in promoting feelings of safety and comfort for the patient. Human touch is one of our most basic needs, one that we hold from infancy to our elder years. Keep this in mind when with your aging parent or loved one. Sitting beside them and holding their hand, stroking their air or even reading to them can help promote feelings of security, giving them a sense that everything is okay. In many cases, this can be comforting to the family as well.

To allow you to spend valuable time with your aging loved one, consider help from professional Westfield hospice support services. During this time, a highly trained, reliable and compassionate caregiver can provide around the clock care for basic needs and can help comfort the patient as well as the family. Care can also be arranged on an hourly basis to support a family’s current care unit. Learn more about hourly home care in Westfield.

End of life care does not have to be a time of sadness. With the right support system in place, seniors can enjoy the comfort of home and the presence and companionship of their beloved family, friends and pets. To learn more about hospice care, or care for advanced conditions including dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s care in Westfield, contact Home Care Assistance today. Call 908-450-9400 to speak with a Care Manager and schedule a complimentary in-home consultation.