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Potential Dangers in Your Elderly Loved One’s Home

The last thing you want to worry about when caring for a senior loved one is a potential danger in the home that could have been prevented. Even a seemingly safe home may be hiding a few hazards you hadn’t thought of before. The Westfield, NJ, senior home care experts at Home Care Assistance discuss some of these dangers and offer tips on how to keep your loved one safe.

High Cupboards and Shelves

Storing larger items above the chest can be dangerous for seniors, especially those with impaired dexterity and balance. In addition to slipping and falling, they also risk having heavier items falling and causing injury. If your loved one has limited mobility, help him or her rearrange closets, kitchen cabinets, and other storage areas so the heaviest items are kept at waist height.

Improper Lighting

Lighting has a bigger impact on a senior’s safety than most people realize. What appears to be a bright room during the day could be a dangerously dark area at night. Regularly checking the lights in your loved one’s home allows you to make sure the bulbs are the correct wattage and not damaged, which reduces the risk of an electrical fire.

Piles of Cords

Much like older light bulbs, piles of cords can also be a fire hazard. These issues are especially common in the homes of seniors who often forget about cords that have been left plugged in for years at a time. Going through your loved one’s home to unplug old cords, looking for damage in cords that are being used, and pull cords out of walking paths is a simple project you can carry out in just an hour or two.

Old Smoke Detectors

Quite a few things can go wrong with the smoke detectors in a senior’s home. Some seniors forget to replace the batteries, while others accidently overlook broken units on their ceilings. If your loved one is having a difficult time remembering how old the detectors or the batteries are, you might want to replace them. A relatively small investment in one of these devices can potentially save your loved one’s life.

Help your loved one age in place safely and independently by hiring a professional caregiver from Home Care Assistance. Our respite and 24-hour caregivers can assist with mobility and exercise, take care of light housekeeping tasks, and help with many other everyday activities. For more information on the comprehensive stroke, Parkinson’s, and dementia care Westfield, NJ, seniors and their families trust, call one of our experienced Care Managers at 908.450.9400 today.