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Senior-Friendly Computers

Technology and social media make it possible for seniors to talk with loved ones and see them face-to-face without the cost and stress of travel. Seniors can also use technology to pay bills, file taxes, and go shopping. However, many seniors face a few challenges when selecting a computer. Failing eyesight makes tiny screens hard to see, and seniors prefer simple systems that don’t require extensive studying before use. Home Care Assistance, a leading provider of senior care in Westfield, has selected a few of the best computers for the elderly.


The Telikin is a desktop computer that is specifically designed with seniors in mind. The computer requires no setup–just unpack, plug in, and use. It comes with a large text keyboard, speakers, mouse, and a large, extra-bright touch screen. Once turned on, the computer displays a menu of large, easy-to-read icons. All the senior has to do is touch the desired icon. The Telikin costs around $1000 depending on the options selected. A version of the Telikin is also being sold as the Wow! computer for seniors.

My Gait

Another option is the MyGait Elite Computer, which is similar in concept to the Telikin. It requires no setup, has a touch-screen menu of options, a zoom function that magnifies the screen 200%, and a specially designed ergonomic mouse. It costs around $900 plus a $20 monthly service fee. Owners can call the help line at any time for assistance.


Although there are several senior-specific tablets available for sale, such as the Claris Companion and the In Touch, many experts suggest seniors take a look at the iPad. It offers an easy, intuitive user-friendly operation with plenty of computing power. The iPad mini is lightweight and easy for seniors to hold, particularly if they want to read books on it for long periods of time.

Keep your senior loved one connected with an investment in an easy-to-use computer. Another great way to keep your senior loved one connected is with a caregiver in Westfield. Home Care Assistance caregivers can provide transportation to and from social events, arrange Skype dates with long-distance family members, and help your loved one set up online accounts if you are unable to. Home Care Assistance caregivers are available 24/7, are expertly trained, and we have caregivers who specialize in senior Alzheimer’s care in Westfield. Call (908) 450-9400 to schedule a free in-home consultation with a friendly Care Manager.