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4 Common Conditions Affecting Seniors

The aging process and development of age-related conditions depend on a variety of factors including heredity, the presence or history of illness, and lifestyle. While you cannot predict what ailments your elderly loved one will develop as he or she ages, our senior home care experts at Home Care Assistance of Westfield have compiled the following list of the most common health conditions among seniors.

1. Arthritis
A frequent aliment associated with age is joint pain and stiffness after sleeping or lying down for extended periods. If your loved one experiences this kind of discomfort, he or she may have osteoarthritis, an aging of the cartilage structures around the joints. This deterioration of cartilage results in friction between the bones in the joint, in turn reducing flexibility and causing pain.

2. Insomnia
Seniors tend to have lighter sleep for fewer hours than when they were younger. Changes in your loved one’s circadian rhythm, or the body’s biological clock, can sometimes cause difficulty getting to and staying asleep. If your loved one develops insomnia, cutting out caffeine, engaging in routine exercise, and developing a daily meal and sleep schedule may help him or her avoid sleepless nights.

3. Decreased Metabolism
As your loved one ages, a decreased metabolism paired with inactivity can quickly lead to weight gain and/or obesity. Extra weight on your loved one’s frame can lead to new health problems or exacerbate existing conditions, like heart problems, arthritis, and diabetes. Help your loved one avoid weight gain by asking his or her hourly caregiver in Westfield to prepare low-calorie meals and to assist your loved one in adopting and safely executing an exercise regimen.

4. Depression
Depression, or persistent sad feelings or loss of interest, is common among seniors. Despite its prevalence, the signs of depression are often overlooked or are attributed to illness, medications, or the normal decrease in activity that occurs with old age. As depression can have long-term emotional and physical health effects, including doubling the chance of cardiac disease and increasing the risk of diabetes, Osteoporosis, and cancer, catching and treating it early is critical.

As your loved one ages, being aware of the most common disorders that seniors face can help you identify and get treatment for the conditions early on. If your loved one is diagnosed with any of these conditions, a professionally trained and experienced hourly or live-in caregiver in Westfield can help. To learn more about our home care services, including assistance with exercising, grocery shopping, and preparing meals, or to schedule a complimentary, in-home consultation, give a Care Manager a call at 908.450.9400.