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How a Senior Can Benefit from a Meal Delivery Service

Some seniors have difficulty preparing nutritious meals for themselves, which is why many are turning to meal delivery services as a valuable alternative. Westfield elder care experts discuss the many health benefits your senior loved one can gain from having nutritious meals prepared for him or her.

Healthier Nutrition

If your loved one is unable to go to the store and cook healthy meals on a regular basis, he or she may be left to eat whatever is on hand. The available food options in the house may be high in fat and sodium and low in important vitamins and nutrients. Meal delivery services can bring food that meets your loved one’s dietary restrictions so he or she can get the necessary nutrients to remain healthy.

Better Weight Management

The poor nutrition that comes from a steady diet of prepackaged foods can lead to weight problems. Some seniors may become overweight due to the increased fats, while others may become severely underweight due to not having enough food in the house they can eat. Similarly to having a Westfield caregiver in the home, a meal delivery service can ensure your loved one eats healthy meals as often as he or she likes.

Increased Independence

Some seniors have age-related conditions that make it difficult to meet their basic needs independently. A meal delivery service meets one of those needs for them so they can focus their energy on meeting the rest. Having food already prepared allows your loved one to remain in his or her home and maintain a sense of self-worth and independence. 

Enhanced Emotional Wellbeing 

Many seniors experience depression because their social interactions are often limited. Meal delivery services typically send the same person each day, allowing seniors the chance to form relationships with them. Your loved one can look forward to visiting with the delivery person, meet the need for social contact, and reduce feelings of isolation.

These same benefits and many more can be gained with the help of a live-in or part-time caregiver in Westfield. At Home Care Assistance, our caregivers are available 24/7 to prepare nutritious meals that meet your loved one’s dietary needs, and they can even go grocery shopping for the healthiest ingredients. The caregiver assigned to your loved one can become an invaluable companion, providing mental and social stimulation and helping with a wide variety of other daily tasks, including light housekeeping, transportation, and exercise. For more information on our senior care services, call a friendly Care Manager today at 908.450.9400 to request a free consultation.