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Why Seniors Will Love Watching BBC’s Sherlock

If your elderly loved on has physical or cognitive challenges, he or she might find it more difficult to leave the hold on a regular basis. For seniors who are frequently at home, having an interesting source of entertainment can help prevent boredom. Read on to see why senior care experts at Home Care Assistance Westfield suggest that the BBC’s hit series Sherlock may be a good way for your elderly loved one to stay engaged.

1. Time with Family

Spending time with family can help lower the risk of depression in seniors, which is why watching BBC’s Sherlock with your loved one is a good option. While the series is only nine episodes, each episode is ninety minutes long, providing a movie-like viewing experience for you and your loved one. While simply watching silently together is a good start, discussing the show afterwards gives you and your loved one a chance to have a good conversation or debate.

2. Humor

The main characters on Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, have incredible rapport on screen and are known for their humorous quips. These funny lines offer your senior loved one an opportunity to laugh, which can help improve mood. Additionally, laughter can also lower your loved one’s blood pressure, reduce stress, boost his or her immune system, and relieve muscle tension.

3. Problem Solving

Each episode of Sherlock revolves around solving a mystery. Encourage your loved one to try to figure out what’s happening during the show, instead of waiting to find out who the culprit is or how the mystery is resolved in the end. This gives your loved one a great opportunity to put his or her problem-solving skills to use, helping keep his or her mind sharp and lowering his or her risk of cognitive decline and dementia.

4. Reading

Watching Sherlock can serve as a good way to engage seniors in literary discussions and encourage reading. While the show is set in present-day London, the series is based on the literary works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. As each episode of the series closely follows the plot of one of the books, encouraging your loved one to read the corresponding book as he or she watches the show can be interesting and a good way to keep him or her cognitively engaged.

For other ways to help your elderly loved one avoid feelings of boredom or isolation, reach out to Home Care Assistance. Our professional hourly and 24/7 caregivers in Westfield are expertly trained to provide in-home assistance with a variety of activities, as well as emotional support and companionship to combat monotony and feelings of loneliness. To ask questions about our senior care services, dial 908.450.9400 and speak with a Care Manager to set up a free in-home consultation.