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5 Benefits of Long-Term In-Home Care for Aging Adults

Whether they are recovering from a serious injury or managing a chronic illness, there are many advantages for seniors who receive long-term assistance at home. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider long-term in-home care for your elderly loved one. 

1. Facilitates Recovery 

Regardless of how good the care is, staying in a hospital or retirement facility can be daunting to seniors at times. However, receiving long-term care at home can help your loved one rehabilitate in a familiar environment, which can speed up his or her recovery. The chances of your loved one needing rehospitalization decrease when he or she is able to recuperate at home. 

2. Promotes Safety

Although hospitals are considered a safe haven for seniors living with illnesses or recovering from injuries, receiving long-term Westfield in-home elder care instead can reduce your loved one’s risk of developing an infection. This type of care is one on one, meaning your loved one receives swift, immediate care and is not exposed to other seniors and their illnesses. An in-home caregiver can also make the home safer and free of objects that lead to injuries.

3. Honors Independence

Many seniors fear losing their independence more than they fear losing their life. By allowing your loved one to receive the long-term respite or live-in care Westfield families trust, you are giving him or her some of the freedom and control he or she needs and deserves. Being at home while receiving care can help your loved one feel less restricted and more comfortable than in an assisted living facility, which can help him or her remain engaged in everyday life and activities that promote healthy living. 

4. Provides Personalized Care

The lifestyles of seniors can vary, and the type of care each senior receives will need to vary as well. With long-term home care, your loved one will receive individualized care based on his or her individual needs and preferences. In-home caregivers in Westfield, NJ, can prepare healthy meals, ensure your loved one remains active, and monitor his or her moods and behaviors pertaining to treatments and medications. This type of personalized care is crucial if your loved one is managing a chronic illness. 

5. Enhances Quality of Life 

Receiving in-home care for long periods can also help your loved one alleviate the stress associated with aging, enriching quality of life in his or her later years. When quality of life increases, your loved one can reduce the risk of depression, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and other life-threatening concerns.

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