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How Adaptive Apparel Helps the Elderly Stay Fashionable

Wearing adaptive apparel helps your senior loved one stay fashionable, despite his or her age and health condition. Westfield senior care professionals discuss 4 benefits adaptive apparel offers seniors.  

1. More Variety 

With many new designs in adaptive apparel, your senior loved one can choose from a variety of clothing such as evening wear, business attire, and wedding apparel. Custom alterations include less complex buttons and better zipper placements.

2. Promotes Independence

Living alone is a great way for your senior loved one to remain independent, leading to less stress and a better quality of life. If your senior loved one lives with you or another family caregiver in Westfield, he or she can still remain independent by completing daily activities, including bathing, dressing, and running errands. Adaptive apparel designers understand the importance of independence for seniors and create stylish clothing your elderly loved one can dress in without the assistance of a family caregiver.

3. Easy Accessibility

Many seniors have mobility and dexterity issues that limit the types of clothing they can wear. However, some fashion designers have created jeans for seniors with health conditions. Some of the jeans have higher waistbands and integrated weights for those in wheelchairs. These therapy tools help physically challenged individuals and seniors with sensory disorders. Some shirts have easy insertion of medical ports, allowing your senior loved one to remain stylish even when using a wheelchair. 

4. Boosts Socialization 

Seniors often isolate themselves due to embarrassment over a variety of concerns, including their appearance. Adaptive apparel provides a variety of stylish clothing your elderly loved one can wear, irrespective of his or her health issues. Most of the therapy tools incorporated into the clothing are hidden, which means your senior loved can wear the clothing with confidence. This leads to more social engagement and reduces the risk of stress, anxiety, depression, and isolation.

If your loved one needs encouragement or you need help updating his or her wardrobe, call Home Care Assistance. Our professional caregivers assist seniors in bathing and dressing, provide a variety of social stimulation exercises to boost their cognitive health, and encourage them to try something new such as opting for apparel. To learn more about our high-quality live-in, respite, Alzheimer’s, and dementia care, Westfield families can reach out to us at 908.450.9400.